Does Your Building Need Demolition? 5 Warning Signs That Signal A Need for Demolition

By Statewide Demolition posted January 14th, 2021

Often, a residential building will appear as if in good shape but require demolition to ensure safety. There are many reasons as to why a residential building may need to be demolished, and often, it is completely out of the property owner’s control. Unfortunately, there are some buildings that just aren’t worth the effort to keep. 

These buildings will not only be costly in the long run, but they will decrease the value of the land it’s on. If you are curious about the reasons a residential building should be demolished, or you’re worried about your own property, then we have compiled a list of 5 warning signs that will tell you whether your should demolish your residential space.

1. A Weak Foundation

There are many ways to determine whether your residential building has a weak foundation, including uneven flooring, cracks of your walls both inside and outside. This condition is often extremely evident. And is often caused by the land beneath the building shifting and/or sinking. 

Another potential cause of weak foundations in residential buildings is that the foundation’s materials are degraded to the point that it is difficult to hold up the home. This is a very unsafe situation for residents and is a significant cause for demolishing the building to ensure safety.

2. The Building is Really Old

Another cause for weak foundations can be the age of the building itself. If a building is older than 80 years, it is often not worth the upkeep to fix it and ensure safety for residents. Unless the building is a historical space, the best option for old buildings is to just demolish and rebuild

However, you must make sure that this is done safely, as many old buildings contain dangerous materials, and therefore can only be partially demolished.

It is often better to demolish and rebuild an old building rather than renovating.

3. The Building Contains Dangerous Materials

In Australia, there is a large issue with residential buildings containing asbestos, which is an extremely dangerous material. If a building has asbestos, or any other dangerous material, it is often the best choice to demolish partially or fully.

4. Changes to Governmental Building Codes and Zoning Laws

Sometimes, local governments will change the building codes or local zoning regulations, forcing many homeowners to partake in costly renovations to ensure their house is compliant with these codes and regulations. 

Most of the time, these changes are not beneficial to the property owners, and many will opt to demolish their space and rebuild their home to meet the newest local codes and regulations rather than renovate.

5. Property Owners Planning to Sell a Vacant Lot

Often, property owners will decide to demolish a building that is not in good condition to sell the land itself. This is often more financially beneficial than selling the unsafe home as a vacant lot is more marketable than a run-down building. 

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