Demolition & Procedures

We waste nothing!

Our company has a range of excavators from 8 tonne to 24 tonne and a fleet of demolition trucks. We have in house mechanics who services all vehicles to ensure breakdowns are kept to a minimum. We are registered with Main Roads for oversize work. We have ensured that our staff have up to date training and all the qualifications they need to perform demolition work.

In order to start the demolition process, our experienced and friendly administration staff, assist with submission of all disconnections of services, council Demolition permit approvals, and if required, Asbestos and Work Safe clearance certificates.

When the demolition permit has been granted, and the electricity and gas has been abolished (the supply is removed from the street to the house) the demolition process will begin.

Firstly, the house is isolated from the street with temporary fencing which will remain in place during the demolition. Secondly, the strip out occurs where asbestos is removed, and house is stripped out. This may take several days to occur. Including removal of hazardous material, followed by the salvage and recycling of fixtures and fittings, doors, windows, timber and finally bricks and concrete. One of our excavators demolishes the remaining structure and removes all of the associated rubble.

Demolition is carried out using our fleet of excavators, including raking the block, this is where tree roots, pipes and assorted buried items are removed from the site. Leaving a demolition site raked to 800mm to natural levels.

Statewide Demolition can remove both fibreglass and concrete pools. The pool void can be left if a new pool is to be installed or backfilled with sand or backfilled with a compaction certificate. The latter ensures the level of the sand does not fall over time and that it can be built on.

For an estimate on demolition costs please contact our office. If however you require a detailed quote one of our staff will visit your site and forward you an obligation free quote.