Planning and Cost Estimation Tips for House Demolition

By Statewide Demolition posted December 19th, 2020

Though it is not common knowledge, it’s important that our customers understand that house demolition is a tedious process that involves a lot of considerations and decisions on your behalf. 

To successfully demolish your home, the first step in this process is creating a fool-proof plan and cost estimation with your demolishers. This is step is incredibly important, so we have comprised a list of tips for demolition planning and cost estimation.

Obtain Regulatory Permits

Planning your house demolition is equally as important as estimating the costs. There are a variety of permits and governmental approvals you will need to acquire before you can begin the demolition process and cost estimation for your home. 

If you are obtaining a demolition permit for a single family, then there will be no charge to acquire the permit. However, if there no building permit exists, then you will have to pay the amount. The price of these demolition permits varies over the states, but it does always involve a nominal fee.

Ensure Workers Adhere to Demolition Standards

To ensure the safety of both the building environment and the people associated with the demolition, there are demolition standard that are set by the government that must be strictly followed. These set of standards also help ensure that your demolition is handled professionally and flawlessly. 

Demolition standards are set by the government to avoid any potential risk

Ensure the Demolition Site Plan is Followed 

It is important that you hire an architect to create a demolition site plan for your house. These professional architects will use this prepared site plan to ensure the demolition is safety and flawlessly carried out. 

This site plan must include important information, such as what materials the demolishers need to remove and where they need to be removed, what build materials need to be removed and retained and more. It is a convenient space for workers to access the information they need to complete the house demolition.

Complete the Demolition by the Proposed Time

A good plan of action is required to complete a house demolition. A lot of customers are very conscious of their budget, especially in residential and commercial spaces. A trustworthy and professional demolition company will ensure that all demolition projects are completed on time to ensure that the budget is not increased substantially. 

Obviously there may be factors beyond control that could cause increase in price, and the initial cost will vary significantly depending on the projects nature, the materials that need to be removed, environmental safety and the amount of workers that are required to complete the demolition safely. 

Make Sure to Hire Professional Demolition Contractors

We highly recommend that you always hire professionals, especially for demolition projects. It could be extremely harmful to your budget and your environment if you don’t do research about your contractor. 

Hiring a professional demolition contractor will ensure that your project is completed, not only within budget and your timeline, but smoothly and safely. Call Statewide Demolition today for a free quote.